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  • Angela Carter's manuscript notes on fairy tale mat...

    Manuscript, Notebook

    After publishing the renowned Bloody Chamber and Other Stories in 1979, Angela Carter’s name and work became fundamental...

  • Anne McLaren’s Notebook


    Dame Anne McLaren (1927 – 2007) was a developmental biologist who pioneered techniques that led to human in vitro fertil...

  • Bicycle ramps


    Boys, in 1989, are playing on the street with their BMX bikes

  • Car


    Children from Gateshead in 1989 prentending to drive the car

  • Chaffinch song

    Sound recording

    The song of a chaffinch, recorded in Cumbria, England, by Richard Ranft.

  • Cock crowing

    Sound recording

    The crow of a cockerel (a young male chicken) recorded in Cumbria, England, by Richard Ranft.

  • Delius: Cello Sonata (recording)

    Sound recording

    This wartime Cello Sonata (1916), by the English composer Frederick Delius, was written for the cellist Beatrice Harriso...

  • Delius: Brigg Fair (recording)

    Sound recording

    Frederick Delius’s Brigg Fair (1907) is a set of variations for large orchestra based on the folksong ‘Unto Brigg Fair’....

  • Garages


    This footage demonstrates how children can turn mundane objects into toys through play

  • Hide and seek (1989)


    In this film children from Gateshead play "hide and seek", a game seen in playgrounds across the country.

  • Letter from Alan Turing to W Ross Ashby


    Alan Mathison Turing (1912-1954) was a mathematician and computer scientist. He is best known for his code-breaking work...

  • Manuscript notes about The Iron Man by Ted Hughes

    Manuscript, Notebook, Draft

    Originally created as a bedtime story for his own children, The Iron Man is among Ted Hughes’s best known books for chil...

  • Map of the world – Peters projection


    A world map showing the world from a different perspective. Arno Peters (1916–2002) was a German historian and sometime ...

  • Maulidi: kasida (poem) performance from Zanzibar

    Sound recording

    Live recording of a kasida (Arabic. Qaṣīdah) forming part of a maulidi performance. What is a maulidi performance? Mauli...

  • Mum died


    The footage, fimed in Gateshead during 1989, demonstrates how children explore fear and concerns through play