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  • Booklet 'Women's effort in war time'

    Booklet, Illustration

    The title of this booklet translates as ‘women’s effort in wartime’, published by the European Fashion Journal. It conta...

  • Franz Joseph the hangman

    Booklet, Drawing

    This Italian booklet contains satirical texts and cartoons, designed to degrade and demonise the enemy. It was used as w...

  • Humour and the war

    Booklet, Drawing

    This booklet contains satirical drawings of the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I and of soldiers in the Austro-Hungarian...

  • Ligue Souvenez-vous

    Postcard, Booklet

    This ensemble, which includes a booklet, a postcard and a collection of stamps, was created during the First World War b...

  • Songs of hate…Italian. For Franz Joseph

    Booklet, Musical score, Drawing

    This is a satirical booklet about the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I, intended to boost the morale of Italian soldiers....