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  • Alfred Jewel


    The Alfred Jewel is one of the most celebrated objects surviving from Anglo-Saxon England. Inscribed +ÆFLRED MEC HEHT GE...

  • Binham hoard


    The Binham hoard was discovered by metal-detectorists between 2003 and 2015. It is the largest collection of gold from 6...

  • Harford Farm brooch


    For the elites of 7th-century English society expensive jewellery, such as this gold and garnet brooch, was a powerful...

  • Staffordshire Hoard


    In 2009 a spectacular gold and silver hoard was discovered in Staffordshire, in the heartlands of the Mercian kingdom. A...

  • Sutton Hoo gold belt buckle


    This gold belt buckle from Sutton Hoo is one of the greatest achievements of Anglo-Saxon metalwork. Constructed from sev...

  • Ædwen brooch


    This silver brooch, made in East Anglia in the early 11th century, has a rhyming Old English inscription on the reverse....