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  • John Rous, History of the Kings of England

    Manuscript Created date: c. 1480–1500

    John Rous (d. 1492), was a historian and chantry priest of Guy’s Cliffe in Warwickshire. In around 1480, he began work o...

  • Law synopsis of Michael Attaleiates

    Manuscript Created date: 15th century

    This 15th century manuscript contains a version of the synopsis of law (Ponema Nomikon) by the civil servant and scholar...

  • Lycophron with commentary

    Manuscript Created date: 1st half of the 15th century

    Lycophron's Alexandra, with the commentary of Isaac Tzetzes

  • Medical miscellany

    Manuscript Created date: 1st quarter of the 15th century

    Images like these, which show glasses of different coloured urine, would have been used by medieval doctors to help diag...

  • Nahmanides' Commentary on the Pentateuch

    Manuscript Created date: c. 1400–1499

    A 15th-century commentary on the Pentateuch by Nahmanides. Who was Nahmanides? Often referred to in Jewish sources as Ra...

  • Qisas al-anbiya

    Manuscript Created date: 15th century

    The Qiṣaṣ al-anbiyā belongs to a common genre of Islamic literature that relates the stories of various prophets in the...

  • Renaissance volume of Greek oratory

    Manuscript Created date: 3rd quarter of the 15th century

    The 15th century saw the migration of many Greek scribes and scholars to Italy. Among them was Ioannes Rhosos, a Cretan...

  • Rigveda

    Manuscript Created date: 1495–1735

    The Rig Veda is one of the oldest and most important texts in the śruti tradition of Hinduism. What is the Rig Veda? Th...

  • Roman de la Rose

    Manuscript Created date: c.1490-1500

    This allegorical poem of chivalric love is illustrated with 92 brilliant miniatures, of which four are half-page paintin...

  • Sefer Torah Or 1462

    Manuscript, Scroll Created date: 15th century CE

    The Torah Scroll is the holiest and most valued object in Judaism. It is the physical expression of the Jewish people’s ...

  • The Conference of birds by Farid al-Din ʻAttar

    Manuscript Created date: Late 15th or early 16th century

    A later Timurid copy of Manṭiq al-ṭayr by Farīd al-Dīn ʻAṭṭār (d. ca. 1230) containing nine illustrations. ʻAṭṭār and th...

  • The Duke of Sussex's Portuguese Pentateuch

    Manuscript, Illumination, Illuminated manuscript Created date: 1475–1499

    Jews enjoyed a rich cultural life in 15th-century Portugal, as is demonstrated by this fine manuscript. It is one of onl...

  • The Legend of Good Women

    Manuscript, Printed book Created date: 1450–1500

    The Legend of Good Women is one of Geoffrey Chaucer’s longer poems (the third longest, in fact). He wrote it after he wr...

  • The N-town Plays

    Manuscript Created date: 2nd half of the 15th century–1st quarter of the 16th century

    What is a mystery cycle? The N-town Plays are one of the four complete surviving English medieval mystery cycles – colle...

  • The York Plays

    Manuscript Created date: late 15th century

    The York Plays compirse one of the four complete surviving medieval play cycles sometimes known as ‘mystery cycles’. The...