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  • Athenaeus, Deipnosophistae


    The 3rd-century CE author Athenaeus is known today for his long work, the Deipnosophistae (‘Dinner Sophists’). This work...

  • Complimentary verses to Elizabeth I


    Written around 1573, this volume of complimentary verses dedicated to Queen Elizabeth I was compiled by the boys and the...

  • Greek bestiary


    The Byzantine poet Manuel Philes (c. 1275–c. 1345) is best known now for his work De Animalium Proprietate (‘On the Natu...

  • Notebook of Johannes Cuno


    Johannes Cuno (1463–1513) was a Dominican friar and humanist from Nuremberg. He travelled to Italy around 1500, where he...

  • Works of Justin Martyr


    The 16th century saw increasing interest in the writings of the Church Fathers. One of the earliest Christian theologian...