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  • Mail steamship routes

    Map Created date: 1937

    This world map, commissioned by the General Post Office (GPO) in 1937, depicts the international steamship network of th...

  • Map of New Zealand

    Map Created date: 1931

    A pictorial map of New Zealand produced by MacDonald Gill in 1931 for the Empire Market Board (EMB), a small government...

  • Map of the Atlantic Charter

    Map Created date: 1942

    This world map The Time and Tide Map of the Atlantic Charter was designed by the British artist MacDonald Gill. The map...

  • Tea revives the world

    Map Created date: 1940

    This map by MacDonald Gill, issued in 1940 for the International Tea Market Expansion Board Ltd., was produced to celebr...

  • Wonderground map of London

    Map Created date: 1915

    Published in 1914, By Paying Us Your Pennies – or the Wonderground Map of London Town, as this cartographic icon became ...