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  • Bird’s-eye view of Windsor Castle

    Watercolour, Parchment, View Created date: 1607

    John Norden began his career as a surveyor although today he is better known as a cartographer. His county maps, first p...

  • Copy of a Roman text on estate surveying

    Pen and Ink, Parchment Created date: 12th century

    This Holkham Hall Manuscript is one of a number of works known collectively as the ‘Corpus Agrimensorum’. On the left pa...

  • Dante’s 'Paradiso'

    Parchment, Bodycolour Created date: 1444-50

    Illustration by Giovanni de Paolo showing Dante ascending into heaven, guided by Beatrice.

  • Description of the Honor of Windesor

    Watercolour, Parchment, Map Created date: 1607

    This plan is one of a set in the Harley Manuscripts collection describing the King’s Honour of Windsor. The lay-out of t...

  • Itinerary from London to Beauvais

    Bodycolour, Parchment Created date: about 1250-59

    This itinerary is among the prefatory material that is held at the British Library along with autograph copies of Paris’...

  • Map of the course of the River Severn from Glouces...

    Ink, Watercolour, Parchment, Map Created date: 1595

    This is a chart from the Cotton Manuscripts showing the Bristol Channel and the River Severn. Sandbanks in the River Sev...

  • Maps of Jerusalem and Acre

    Bodycolour, Parchment Created date: c.1320-1325

    The plan of Jerusalem (left) shows the biblical city rather than the medieval one. The homes (‘domus’) of King Solomon, ...

  • Plan of Boulogne

    Ink and Tempera, Parchment, Map Created date: second quarter of the 16th century

    A plan of the fortifications of Boulogne by John Rogers

  • Plan of Flushing (Vlissingen)

    Watercolour, Pen and ink, Parchment, Map Created date: 1588

    Much of the information in this Cotton Manuscripts plan had already appeared in one made three years earlier (and now in...

  • Plan of King Henry VIII’s manor-house at Kingston...

    Ink and Tempera, Parchment, Map Created date: 1542-3

    Henry VIII acquired the manor as a royal residence and keep in 1539, and Rogers was commissioned to alter it for the kin...

  • Plan of the fortifications of the town of Portsmou...

    Map, Parchment, Pen and ink Created date: 1545

    The earliest map of a British town drawn to scale, showing Portsmouth

  • Plan of the harbour and road of Calais

    Ink and Tempera, Parchment, View Created date: about 1541

    A view of the proposed works at Calais, attributed to Richard Lee, about 1541

  • Plan of the town and castle of Guines

    Parchment, Ink, Watercolour Created date: 1541

    Bird's eye view of the town and castle of Guines, 1541

  • Proposal for a new harbour at Dover

    Watercolour, Pen and Ink, Parchment, View Created date: 1532

    This is Vincenzo Volpe's watercolour drawing of proposed works at Dover dating from 1532

  • The Gough map

    Map, Parchment, Watercolour, Pen and ink Created date: 1370s-late 15th century

    The Gough Map of the British Isles, acquired by Richard Gough in 1774 from the collections of the antiquarian Thomas Ma...