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  • A 17th-century Ashkenaz Torah Scroll

    Manuscript, Scroll Created date: 17th century

    A 17th-century Ashkenaz Torah Scroll. What is the Torah Scroll? The Torah Scroll is the holiest object in Judaism. It i...

  • A Torah fragment in Babylonian Aramaic and Hebrew

    Manuscript Created date: 11th Century – 12th century

    An example of a Torah fragment written in square Hebrew script from either Iraq or Iran. This page pertains to the Book...

  • Abraham ibn Ezra's commentary on the Pentateuch

    Manuscript Created date: 15th century

    Abraham Ibn Ezra’s commentary to the Torah (‘Five Books of Moses’ or ‘Pentateuch’). Abraham Ibn Ezra and his biblical co...

  • Abraham's Pentateuch and Rashi

    Manuscript Created date: 1325-1349 CE

    Besides the Five Books of Moses, this 14th-century CE manuscript includes the standard Aramaic translation – Targum Onke...

  • Afghan ketubah, 19th century

    Manuscript, Ketubah, marriage contract Created date: 1889

    The tradition of the ketubah (a Jewish marriage contract) dates back 2000 years, making it one of the earliest documents...

  • An abridgment of a kabbalistic treatise

    Manuscript Created date: 16th century CE

    Kabbalah, also spelled Qabalah or Cabala, is the term traditionally used to describe the mystic and secret teachings in ...

  • Astronomical and philosophical miscellanies

    Manuscript Created date: 14th century CE

    Completed in Osimo, Italy in 1249 CE, this vellum manuscript comprises three different texts including Abraham bar-Hiyya...

  • Babylonian Talmud

    Manuscript Created date: 1290–1309

    This is an exceptionally rare item: a treasured medieval Jewish text, known as the Talmud, that somehow escaped the publ...

  • Barcelona Haggadah

    Manuscript, Illuminated manuscript, Illumination Created date: 14th Century

    A highly illuminated medieval Spanish Hagadah. What is the Hagadah? The Hagadah (plural Hagadot), which literally mean...

  • Chinese Torah – Kaifeng Torah

    Manuscript, Scroll Created date: c. 1643–1663

    This scroll was specially prepared for one of the farthest flung and most remarkable religious communities of history: t...

  • Coburg Pentateuch

    Manuscript Created date: 1390–1396

    A 14th-century illuminated Ashkenazic Pentateuch. What is the Hebrew Pentateuch? The Pentateuch is the Greek term used...

  • Complutensian Polyglott Bible

    Printed book

    The so-called ‘Complutensian Polyglot Bible’ is the first of the great multi-lingual editions of the complete Bible prod...

  • Duke of Sussex's Catalan Bible

    Manuscript, Illuminated manuscript Created date: 1350–1374

    The messianic imagery found in these splendid Hebrew Bibles is unique. Crystallised in Spain in the 13th century and app...

  • Duke of Sussex's Italian Pentateuch

    Manuscript, Illuminated manuscript Created date: c. 1441–1467

    A 15th-century Pentateuch featuring illuminated letters, which are rare in Hebrew manuscripts. What is the Pentateuch? ...

  • First complete Mishnah


    This was the first complete printed text of the Mishnah – a book of authoritative Jewish law as compiled by early rabbis...