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  • Haftarot for Passover

    Manuscript Created date: 1700–1799

    The manuscript contains Haftarot (singular Haftarah) for the Passover festival. What is Haftarah? Haftarah is a selected...

  • Hagiographa

    Manuscript Created date: 1500–1599

    Codex of Ketuvim (‘Writings’, the third division of the Hebrew Bible), in Hebrew, Aramaic and Judeo-Arabic. The transla...

  • Japheth ben Ali ha-Levi's Commentary on Joshua

    Manuscript Created date: 1400–1499

    A 15th-century copy of the commentary on Joshua by the famed Karaite biblical commentator – Japheth ben Ali ha-Levi (liv...

  • Polyglot Psalter

    Manuscript Created date: 1600–1799

    A Hebrew psalm-book with parallel Greek, Latin and English translations. What are Psalms? The Book of Psalms (in Hebrew...

  • The Duke of Sussex's German Pentateuch

    Manuscript, Illumination, Illuminated manuscript Created date: 1300–1324

    This page of the Duke of Sussex's German Pentateuch shows the kind of marginal decoration often painted in Hebrew mediev...