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  • Astrological-medical miscellany

    Manuscript Created date: 1st quarter of the 15th century

    A circular diagram, now known as ‘Microcosmic Man’ or ‘Zodiac man’, appears in this miscellany of astrological and medic...

  • Beaufort Book of Hours

    Illuminated manuscript, Manuscript Created date: 1401–c.1500

    This Book of Hours, inherited by Henry’s grandmother, Lady Margaret Beaufort, contains a calendar of Church festivals an...

  • Bedford Hours

    Manuscript Created date: c. 1410–1430

    On Christmas Eve 1430 Anne of Burgundy (d. 1432), the wife of John, Duke of Bedford (d. 1435), presented this lavish bil...

  • Carthusian miscellany

    Manuscript Created date: 1460–1500

    The religious order of monks and nuns known as the Carthusians were founded by St Bruno of Cologne (d. 1104) in 1084. Th...

  • Thomas Hoccleve, The Regiment of Princes

    Manuscript Created date: 1411–20

    The Regiment of Princes was the most popular work of the English poet Thomas Hoccleve (d. 1426). Hoccleve wrote the poem...