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  • Itinerary of Archbishop Sigeric

    Manuscript Created date: 11th century

    Travellers in the early middle ages never had maps to guide them, but sometimes had written itineraries, or lists of pla...

  • Luttrell Psalter

    Manuscript, Illuminated manuscript Created date: c. 1325–40

    This celebrated manuscript was commissioned by a wealthy landowner, Sir Geoffrey Luttrell, in the first half of the 14th...

  • Map Psalter

    Manuscript Created date: 1262–1300

    The Map Psalter takes its name from its full-page illustration of a map of the world (on f. 9r), whose design shares clo...

  • Silos Apocalypse

    Manuscript Created date: 1091–1109

    This world map comes from a beautifully illuminated copy of Beatus of Liébana's ‘Commentary on the Apocalypse of ...