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  • Burnt copy of Magna Carta with the seal attached

    Manuscript, Charter, Seal

    One of the four surviving copies of the 1215 Magna Carta, this document is now so badly damaged as to be barely readable...

  • Magna Carta, 1225

    Manuscript, Seal, Charter

    On 11 February 1225, King Henry III (r. 1216–72) issued what became the final and definitive version of Magna Carta. It ...

  • Magna Carta with the seal of Cardinal Guala, 1217

    Manuscript, Charter, Seal

    A condition of the peace treaty of 1217, under which Prince Louis resigned his claims to the throne and left England, wa...

  • The Articles of the Barons

    Manuscript, Object, Seal

    Following the seizure of London by the rebel barons in May 1215, prolonged negotiations between the rival parties led to...

  • The Forest Charter of 1225

    Manuscript, Seal, Charter

    In 1217, King Henry III (r. 1216–72) issued a new version of Magna Carta, together with a new charter dealing with the r...

  • The papal bull annulling Magna Carta

    Manuscript, Object, Seal

    The papal bull annulling Magna Carta was issued by Pope Innocent III (1161–1216) on 24 August 1215. It was written by a ...