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  • Alphonso Psalter

    Manuscript, Illuminated manuscript, Parchment Codex Created date: c. 1284–1316

    This manuscript was begun for Prince Alphonso (b. 1273, d. 1284), son of Edward I and Eleanor of Castile, who was betrot...

  • Harley Psalter

    Manuscript Created date: c. 1000

    The Harley Psalter is one of the great masterpieces of late Anglo-Saxon book art. It was written and decorated at Christ...

  • Lindisfarne Gospels

    Manuscript Created date: c. 700

    The Lindisfarne Gospels has long been acclaimed as the most spectacular manuscript to survive from Anglo-Saxon England....

  • Sherborne Missal

    Manuscript, Illuminated manuscript Created date: c. 1399–1407

    With 347 illuminated pages each measuring approximately 535 x 380mm, the Sherborne Missal is probably the largest and mo...

  • The Melisende Psalter

    Manuscript Created date: c. 1131–43

    Though Queen Melisende's Psalter is probably not the earliest manuscript preserved from the Crusader Kingdom, it represe...

  • Tiberius Psalter

    Manuscript Created date: 2nd or 3rd quarter of the 11th century

    The Tiberius Psalter is one of a number of important Psalters produced in Winchester during the mid-11th century. From t...

  • Vespasian Psalter

    Manuscript Created date: 2nd quarter of the 8th century–mid-9th century

    The Vespasian Psalter is an early copy of a Latin revision of the Psalms (the Romanum or Roman version) associated with...