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  • Haftarot for Passover


    The manuscript contains Haftarot (singular Haftarah) for the Passover festival. What is Haftarah? Haftarah is a selected...

  • Mahabuddhaguna and other Buddhist texts

    Paper folding book, Manuscript

    An 18th-century manuscript from Thailand, outlining the virtues of the Buddha. The manuscript The manuscript from centr...

  • Polyglot Psalter


    A Hebrew psalm-book with parallel Greek, Latin and English translations. What are Psalms? The Book of Psalms (in Hebrew...

  • Register of circumcisions


    An 18th-century registry of circumcisions, including instructions for the service. Circumcision in Judaism Circumcision...

  • Sufi teachings, prayers and invocations


    An 18th-century collection of Sufi teachings, prayers and invocations. A collection of Sufi works This volume is a comp...

  • Yogavacara manual (fragment)


    This manuscript fragment is part of a rare Yōgavacara meditation manual found in the Theravāda tradition. It sets out th...