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  • Anglo-Saxon calendar and computistical material

    Manuscript Created date: 1st half of the 11th century–2nd half of the 12th century

    Farming was the basis of the early medieval economy and the occupation of the majority of the population, but agricultur...

  • Bosworth Psalter

    Manuscript Created date: 3rd quarter of the tenth century

    Like the majority of biblical books in Western Christendom, the texts of this Psalter are in Latin. They comprise one of...

  • Canterbury or Anglo-Catalan Psalter

    Manuscript Created date: 4th quarter of the 12th century

    The Canterbury Psalter is amongst the most lavishly illustrated of English manuscripts. The luxurious decoration is part...

  • Eadui Psalter

    Manuscript Created date: 1st half of the 11th century–mid 12th century

    The Eadui Psalter is named after its probable scribe and artist, Eadwig (Eadui) Basan. Eadwig was a monk at Christ Churc...

  • Illuminated Psalter from Winchester

    Manuscript Created date: 4th quarter of the 11th century

    In this copy of the Psalms, made in Winchester, the first and second text divisions are enhanced by full-page images in...

  • Prudentius, Psychomachia (War of the Soul)

    Manuscript Created date: 4th quarter of the 10th century–11th century

    The Psychomachia (War of the Soul) is a work of allegory in which seven Virtues and seven Vices battle for possession of...

  • Symeon of Durham, De Exordio Ecclesiae Dunelmensis

    Manuscript Created date: 1st quarter of the 12th century

    Symeon of Durham (active c. 1090–c. 1128) was an English monk and historian, known for writing a number of chronicles, i...

  • Ælfwine’s Prayerbook

    Manuscript Created date: 3rd decade of the 11th century

    Many manuscripts reveal a surprising amount about their makers and owners. One such is this small prayer book, which mea...