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  • A Book of Fifty Drawings by Aubrey Beardsley

    Book, Illustration, Image

    A beautifully bound collection of Aubrey Beardsley’s artwork, for publications including The Savoy magazine and assorted...

  • Edmund Garrett's illustrations to Jane Eyre

    Book, Illustration, Image

    Edmund H Garrett produced these monochrome illustrations for an 1897 edition of Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre. In total,...

  • Map of the land of matrimony

    Map, Image

    Mapmaking was not always about faithful geographic reproduction. It could be about plain amusement too. A popular subjec...

  • Photographs of Oscar Wilde, 1877-1905

    Photograph, Image

    This collection of charming and poignant photographs chart Oscar Wilde's life from his youth at university, to his exile...

  • The Morality of Marriage


    Mona Caird (1854–1932) was a novelist who engaged with the women’s suffrage movement during the 1870s. From the mid-1880...

  • The Yellow Book

    Periodical, Illustration, Image

    The Yellow Book was a fashionable magazine which ran from 1894–97, taking its name from the notorious covering into whic...