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  • Devi Mahatmya


    An illustrated palm-leaf manuscript of the Devī Māhātmya, a devotional text in praise of Durgā. Made in Bhaktapur, Nepal...

  • Hagiographa


    Codex of Ketuvim (‘Writings’, the third division of the Hebrew Bible), in Hebrew, Aramaic and Judeo-Arabic. The transla...

  • Razmnamah: the Persian Mahabharata


    A Mughal imperial illustrated copy of the last five books containing sections 14–18 of the Razmnāmah (‘Book of war’), th...

  • Rigveda


    The Rig Veda is one of the oldest and most important texts in the śruti tradition of Hinduism. What is the Rig Veda? Th...

  • Yiddish Pentateuch


    A 16th-century Yiddish translation of the Torah. What is Yiddish? Yiddish is an old language that was spoken by Jewish...