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  • 11th-century illuminated Psalter

    Manuscript Created date: Late 11th century

    Illuminated copies of the Book of Psalms were very popular in Byzantium. One group of illuminated psalters are known as ...

  • 12th-century Horologion

    Manuscript Created date: 12th century

    A Horologion, or Book of Hours, contains the outline of the services (aside from those relating to the Eucharist) of the...

  • 13th-century Menaion

    Manuscript Created date: 13th century

    In the Greek church, the Menaion is the book containing prayers and hymns for the fixed feasts of the liturgical calenda...

  • Bristol Psalter

    Manuscript Created date: 11th century

    This pocket-sized (105 x 85 mm) 11th-century manuscript contains the Greek text of the Psalms followed by the biblical O...

  • Burney Gospels

    Manuscript Created date: 10th-12th century

    This beautifully illuminated copy of the Greek Gospels was created in two stages. The text was copied out in the 2nd hal...

  • Cappadocian Gospel lectionary

    Manuscript Created date: 980

    The bishop Stephanos commissioned this Gospel lectionary. It was written in 980 at Ciscissa in Cappadocia. It is laid ou...

  • Catena on the Octateuch

    Manuscript Created date: 2nd quarter of the 16th century-3rd quarter of the 16th century

    The catena, a biblical commentary that proceeds verse by verse, was a popular interpretative tool in the Byzantine world...

  • Codex Alexandrinus

    Manuscript Created date: 5th century

    Copied in the 5th century, Codex Alexandrinus is one of the three early Greek manuscripts that preserve both the Old and...

  • Codex Sinaiticus

    Manuscript Created date: 2nd quarter of the 4th century–3rd quarter of the 4th century

    Despite its rather austere appearance, Codex Sinaiticus is a treasure beyond price. Produced in the middle of the 4th ce...

  • Curzon Cruciform Lectionary

    Manuscript Created date: 12th century

    This 12th-century lectionary, probably produced at Constantinople, takes a distinctive form. The entire text is written...

  • Exodus-Revelation papyrus

    Papyrus Created date: Late 3rd century-4th century

    This unusual papyrus fragment has been the subject of much debate since it was discovered in the late 19th century. It c...

  • Fragments from a Kalophonic Sticherarion

    Manuscript Created date: 16th century–17th century

    Ongoing developments in Greek music resulted in the appearance of the ‘kalophonic’ (beautiful-sounding) style of chant. ...

  • Golden Canon Tables

    Manuscript Created date: 6th century

    The Golden Canon Tables were created in Constantinople and date from the 6th or 7th century. They are precious evidence...

  • Gospel lectionary with ekphonetic notation

    Manuscript Created date: 10th century

    This fine 10th-century Gospel lectionary contains extensive decoration. Along with four full-page portraits of the evang...

  • Gospel of John papyrus

    Papyrus Created date: 3rd century

    These two papyrus fragments are from a 3rd-century papyrus codex containing the Gospel of John. They were found at Oxyrh...