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  • An Abhidhamma commentary

    Manuscript, Paper folding book

    Paper folding book with lavishly decorated covers containing the Saṅkhāra bhājanī, a commentary on the Abhidhamma, also ...

  • Mahabuddhaguna and other Buddhist texts

    Paper folding book, Manuscript

    An 18th-century manuscript from Thailand, outlining the virtues of the Buddha. The manuscript The manuscript from centr...

  • Scenes from the Life of Buddha (part 1)

    Manuscript, Paper folding book

    The scenes in this Burmese paper folding book depict begin with the Bodhisatta as Sumeda and Dipankara Buddha, include s...

  • Scenes from the Life of Buddha (part 2)

    Paper folding book, Manuscript

    The illustrations in this Burmese paper folding book depict the last year of the Buddha’s life. What is depicted here? ...

  • Scenes from the Life of the Buddha

    Manuscript, Image, Illustration, Paper folding book

    The 19th-century Burmese illustrated manuscript is on the early life of the Buddha, from his resolve to depart from his...

  • The Life of the Buddha

    Paper folding book

    A Burmese manuscript that illustrates the Buddha’s life after his Enlightenment. Scenes depicted begin with the story of...