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  • Letter about funeral expenses

    Papyrus Created date: 260–275

    Among the documents shedding light on funeral practices in Graeco-Roman Egypt is this incomplete sheet of papyrus from t...

  • Letter from a schoolboy to his father

    Papyrus Created date: 3rd century

    This reused papyrus sheet was cut out from a larger piece preserving some official document. The blank back of the papyr...

  • Letter to a son-in-law

    Papyrus Created date: 249–299

    Writing appears on both sides of this fragmentary papyrus. The text on the front, which runs parallel to the fibres, is...

  • Petition to the prefect of Egypt

    Papyrus Created date: 263

    A document addressed to the prefect of Egypt is preserved in this papyrus sheet. A certain woman called Aurelia Thaisous...

  • Will of Lucius Ignatius Rufinus

    Papyrus Created date: 211

    Produced during the early third century, this is one of the Latin papyri of the British Library collections. It originat...