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  • A Syriac martyrdom text

    Manuscript Created date: 5th or 6th century

    This very early Syriac manuscript is a collection of accounts of eleven Christian martyrs dating from the 5th or 6th cen...

  • Codex Alexandrinus

    Manuscript Created date: 5th century

    Copied in the 5th century, Codex Alexandrinus is one of the three early Greek manuscripts that preserve both the Old and...

  • Cotton Genesis

    Manuscript Created date: 5th century–6th century

    The Cotton Genesis is one of the great treasures of the British Library. Created probably in Egypt in the 5th or 6th cen...

  • Liturgical papyrus

    Papyrus Created date: 5th century

    This fifth-century fragment of a liturgical roll contains the text of an evening prayer that is still in use in the Gree...

  • Loveden Hill urn

    Pottery Created date: Second half of the 5th century

    This cremation urn — one of over 1800 found in an early medieval cemetery at Loveden Hill, Lincolnshire — bears an inscr...

  • Spong Man

    Pottery Created date: Early to mid-5th century

    In the 5th century the principal means of disposing of the dead was by cremation, the practice of burning the corpse. T...