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  • Anglo-Saxon calendar and computistical material


    Farming was the basis of the early medieval economy and the occupation of the majority of the population, but agricultur...

  • Cicero, Aratea with scholia


    Cicero’s Aratea is an astronomical treatise describing the constellations, and this work is a Latin translation of the P...

  • Eadui Psalter


    The Eadui Psalter is named after its probable scribe and artist, Eadwig (Eadui) Basan. Eadwig was a monk at Christ Churc...

  • English alphabet collection


    Alphabet collections were compiled with varying degrees of accuracy in medieval England. This example composed in the la...

  • Illuminated Psalter from Winchester


    In this copy of the Psalms, made in Winchester, the first and second text divisions are enhanced by full-page images in...