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  • A fayre portion for a fayre mayd

    Broadside ballad

    ‘A Fayre Portion for a Fayre Mayd : OR, The thriftie Mayd of Worstersheere’ was printed in London, and is attributed to ...

  • Capriccio

    Etching, Letterpress, Pen and ink

    This capriccio or fanciful combination of fragments of sculpture, architecture and archaeological ruins inscribed with a...

  • The Chapel of Our Lady at Runxputte

    Engraving, View

    The ancient and humble chapel at Runxputte near Heiloo in the parish of Oosdum in North Holland was destroyed in 1573 du...

  • The Corinthian Order

    Pencil drawing, Pen and ink, Architectural drawing

    These drawings are copies after two illustrations from the Regole generali di architettura (1537) by Italian architect, ...

  • William Segar, Garter Principall King of Arms

    Pen and ink, Bodycolour, Parchment

    After becoming Garter King of Arms in 1607, William Segar (about 1554-1633) was granted arms in 1612 and knighted in 161...