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  • Issue of The Mighty World of Marvel

    Magazine, Comic book, Illustration, Image

    The Amazing Spiderman! The Incredible Hulk! The Fabulous Fantastic Four! The adventures of these familiar Marvel superh...

  • Judge Dredd, The Complete America

    Comic book

    Judge Dredd was a character that readers loved to hate – and hated to love. Although Dredd’s rigid upholding of the law ...

  • The Trials of Nasty Tales

    Comic book

    Following a high-profile obscenity trial, the Nasty Tales underground comics anthology produced this special Trials of N...

  • Who is the Black Panther?

    Printed book, Picture book, Comic book, Illustration, Image

    Anyone can be a superhero… When a school trip nearly ends in a tragic accident, the Black Panther comes to the re...