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  • Book of Syriac Orthodox Doctrine


    The Minārat al-aqdās is a translation of a 13th-century Syriac work titled Menarat Qúdše (Lamp of the Sanc...

  • Harley Trilingual Psalter


    Containing the text of the psalms in parallel Greek, Latin, and Arabic versions, the Harley Trilingual Psalter bears elo...

  • Spanish Qur’an from the 13th century


    Islam was the prevalent in Spain from 711 until the Christian reconquest in 1492, yet few Islamic manuscripts survived. ...

  • The Four Gospels


    The Gospels in Coptic and Arabic, produced in Egypt. What is the Coptic language? Coptic is the ancient language of the...

  • The four gospels in Arabic


    This remarkable manuscript is very different to what the casual glance might suggest: despite the Islamic style carpet p...

  • The Four Gospels in Coptic and Arabic


    This bilingual copy of the Four Gospels from 1308 was made in 1663. The Arabic version is in a parallel column to the ri...