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  • Indian Qur'an from the 16th century


    This 16th-century Qur'an from India gives a glorious example of 'carpet pages': rich, ornate abstract patterns whose mix...

  • Islamic marriage contract

    Manuscript, marriage contract

    This lavish certificate records the marriage of the last Mughal ruler, Bahadur Shah II (r. 1837–1857) to Zinat Mahal Beg...

  • Maimonides’ responsum


    Moses Maimonides’ autograph responsum (reply) to a question referred to him by a rabbinical court. The case referred to...

  • Tipu Sultan’s Qur’an


    Who was Tipu Sultan? Tipu Sultan was the Sultan of Mysore (r. 1782–1799). Known as the ‘Tiger of Mysore’, he is renowned...