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  • Broadside ballad 'A Bill of Fare'

    Broadside, Ephemera

    A ballad on food called ‘A Bill of Fare: For, A Saturday nights Supper, A Sunday morning Breakfast, and A Munday Dinner’...

  • Broadside ballad in 'Praise of Nothing'

    Broadside ballad, Ephemera, Woodcut, Illustration

    This 17th-century ballad called ‘The Praise of Nothing’ takes on the paradoxical task of making something out of nothing...

  • Broadside ballad on the Master Constable

    Broadside ballad, Ephemera, Woodcut, Illustration, Image

    This humorous 17th-century broadside ballad portrays the Master Constable as a self-important busy-body. He is exposed a...

  • First edition of John Donne's Poems, 1633

    Book, Quarto, Engraving, Illustration, Image

    This is the first edition of John Donne’s collected poems, printed in 1633, two years after he died. In his lifetime, ...