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  • Broadside ballad 'A Bill of Fare'

    Broadside, Ephemera

    A ballad on food called ‘A Bill of Fare: For, A Saturday nights Supper, A Sunday morning Breakfast, and A Munday Dinner’...

  • Broadside ballad in 'Praise of Nothing'

    Broadside ballad, Ephemera, Woodcut, Illustration

    This 17th-century ballad called ‘The Praise of Nothing’ takes on the paradoxical task of making something out of nothing...

  • Broadside ballad on the Master Constable

    Broadside ballad, Ephemera, Woodcut, Illustration, Image

    This humorous 17th-century broadside ballad portrays the Master Constable as a self-important busy-body. He is exposed a...