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  • Broadside about cholera

    Broadside, Ephemera

    Between 1832 and 1866, four cholera epidemics – rampaging through the new urban slums – terrified Britain. The unfamilia...

  • Broadside about the Albion Mills fire

    Broadside, Ephemera, Illustration, Image

    What were the Albion Mills? By 1780 4.5% of the steam engines used in industry were located in London. Over the next 20...

  • Broadside on Blue Beard

    Broadside, Ephemera, Illustration, Image

    Ballad sheets containing folktales or melodramas set to popular music were an important part of popular culture from the...

  • Broadside on mortality

    Broadside, Ephemera, Woodcut, Illustration, Image

    The Map of Mortalitie (1604) is a broadside combining verses, symbols and cryptic diagrams, all centred on a skull or ‘d...

  • Broadside on Popish Plots and Treasons

    Broadside, Ephemera, Print, Illustration, Image

    This broadside celebrates the violent defeat of Catholic plots and treasons in the Protestant reigns of Elizabeth I (15...

  • Broadside providing medical advice for cholera

    Broadside, Ephemera

    This broadsheet gives advice to the people of Woodbridge, a small town in Suffolk, about protecting themselves against c...