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  • Gospel-book from Lebanon

    Manuscript Created date: 10th century

    This 10th-century copy of the Gospels in Greek contains fine decorated headpieces at the beginning of each gospel. The v...

  • Gospels on purple parchment

    Manuscript Created date: 6th century

    The Codex Purpureus Petropolitanus, a Greek manuscript of the Gospels, was written in the 6th century. It gets its name...

  • Guest-Coutts New Testament

    Manuscript Created date: Mid-10th century

    Copied and illuminated in the middle of the 10th century, this manuscript is a remarkable example of book production in...

  • Harley Greek Gospels

    Manuscript Created date: 12th century

    This manuscript of the four Gospels in Greek is lavishly illuminated. It contains not only the usual four portraits of t...

  • Homiliary

    Manuscript Created date: 12th century

    The writings of the Christian theologians of the first millennium were hugely important for the Byzantine church. Someti...

  • Hymns from Sinai

    Manuscript Created date: 8th–9th century

    This small volume contains fragments of hymns written in the 8th and 9th centuries at the Monastery of St Catherine on M...

  • Illuminated Gospel-book with patristic excerpts

    Manuscript Created date: 12th century

    This nicely illuminated gospel book that once contained some exquisite portraits of the evangelists closes with a short...

  • Illuminated Gospels from Thessaloniki

    Manuscript Created date: 1291–1292

    This manuscript, made in 1291 or 1292 in Thessaloniki, is an important example of Byzantine illumination from mainland G...

  • Illuminated manuscript of the Divine Liturgies

    Manuscript Created date: 1600

    The three Divine Liturgies, those of St John Chrysostom, St Basil of Caesarea, and of the Presanctified Gifts (tradition...

  • Illuminated New Testament and Psalter from Cyprus

    Manuscript Created date: 11th century

    In the 11th and 12th centuries, a distinctive subgroup of manuscripts appeared, mostly originating in Cyprus or Palestin...

  • Letter of Aristeas

    Manuscript Created date: 16th century

    The catena, a biblical commentary that proceeds verse by verse, was a popular interpretative tool in the Byzantine world...

  • Liturgical papyrus

    Papyrus Created date: 5th century

    This fifth-century fragment of a liturgical roll contains the text of an evening prayer that is still in use in the Gree...

  • Liturgical roll from the 12th century

    Manuscript Created date: 12th century

    The liturgy, or religious service, of the Greek Orthodox Church was often recorded on a parchment roll, rather than in c...

  • Octateuch with catena

    Manuscript Created date: 12th-13th century

    This oversize volume was created in the 12th or 13th century and contains the first eight books of the Septuagint (the G...

  • Old Testament Lectionary

    Manuscript Created date: 12th century

    While the majority of Byzantine lectionaries in the British Library collections consist of readings from the Gospels, le...