A gift book for the Alexandra Orphanage


The Alexandra Orphanage for Infants, London, was set up in 1864 as a home for children before they were old enough to attend the Orphan Working School. One of the first charities of its kind, the Orphan Working School was founded in 1758.

Published in 1870, this collection of fiction and non-fiction writing was intended to raise funds for the charity. As fits a gift-book each element is carefully designed and highly ornamental. It is bound in an attractive, plush cover of blue leather with gold tooling and features a photograph of the orphanage in the frontispiece.

The pieces shown here provide an insight into why the orphanage was set up and how it was run.

Charles Dickens’s involvement

A year after Charles Dickens depicted ‘Ignorance’ and ‘Want’ in A Christmas Carol, he pledged an annual donation to the Orphan Working School. He subsequently became a Governor of the Charity, and later donated funds to the Alexandra Orphanage for Infants.

Full title:
Alexandra: a gift book to the Alexandra Orphanage for Infants
estimated 1870, London
Book / Illustration / Image
Thomas Archer [editor]
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Public Domain
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British Library

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