A Weaver’s Cottage in Islay


This sketch of the interior of a cottage in the Hebridean Islands is part of a collection of drawings produced in the course of Joseph Banks’ expedition to the Hebrides, Orkney and Iceland. It was made by John Frederick Miller, one of three draughtsmen accompanying Banks: the other two were his brother James (active 1772–1782) and John Clevely Jr. (1747–1786). Miller’s father was the German engraver Johann Sebastian Müller (1715–1792), who had trained as a botanist and moved to London in 1744. It was probably through Müller’s acquaintance with Banks that John Frederick was employed, first to draw some of the artefacts associated with James Cook’s voyage, and then to provide a visual record of Banks’ travel to Iceland.

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A Weaver’s Cottage in Islay
Pencil drawing
John Frederick Miller
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Public Domain
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British Library
Add. MS 15509, f.27

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The Weaver's Cottage in Islay

Article by:
Nigel Leask
Country, Science and nature

The members of Joseph Banks' voyage to Iceland in 1772 did not have to travel far to see the unusual. A humble dwelling on the Hebridean island of Islay provided a source of fascination for the expedition's artists, writes Nigel Leask.

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