Addendum to the criminal courts charge impact assessment (IA number: MOJ 223)

Document type
Impact Assessment
Corporate author(s)
Great Britain. Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Justice
Date of publication
1 July 2014
Criminal Justice Services, Offenders
Social welfare
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The criminal courts charge Impact Assessment (IA) was published in February 2014. Since then, further work has been undertaken to explore at what level the criminal courts charge should be set, including the appropriate upper limit for charges. As a result, a single set of draft charge levels has now been developed. Further work on charge levels will be required prior to implementation of the courts charge, to ensure they are based on the most up to date costings information. Nonetheless, the Government hopes that publishing this information at this stage will help to inform parliamentary debate on the Criminal Courts Charging Provisions of the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill by providing a clear indication of the likely scale of the charges it intends to set. The Government has also now confirmed that the length of the cap period will be 2 years from the point of conviction or, where applicable, release from custody. The Government takes the view that this is the appropriate cap length taking into account the proposed draft set of charges. However, the cap period will be set in secondary legislation, enabling any changes to be made as necessary following future charge level changes.

This addendum to the impact assessment considers the impacts of the policy based on this draft charging scheme and confirmation of the length of the cap period. In particular, it provides updated estimates of: the level of cash inflows from the courts charge; the Net Present Value (NPV); the impact of imposing a cap on the maximum length of payment; the level of cash inflows from breach hearings and appeals; and HMCTS debt accrual.