Affordable housing

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Smith Institute
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16 March 2005
Housing and Homelessness
Social welfare
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These essays address the housing affordability crisis and housing shortage in the UK. House price rises across the whole of the UK have led in recent years to increasing problems of affordability, and official figures show a shortfall in the number of new homes being built of 62,000 per year. The energetic approach of postwar governments to housing provision provides a striking contrast to the lethargy of recent decades.   The authors in this collection examine:

  • the political will to address housing supply;
  • the evolution of the housing problem;
  • the need to build a progressive consensus on housing reform;
  • the challenge to ensure that a real choice is available between renting and ownership at affordable prices;
  • the particular problems of the London market;
  • Housing Corporation strategies to address rising demand; and
  • planning for sustainable communities.

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