All Consuming Pressure: the cost of living crisis facing younger generations

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Kingman, David
Intergenerational Foundation
Date of publication
6 October 2019
Social Policy, Children and Young People, Older Adults, Poverty Alleviation Welfare Benefits and Financial Inclusion
Social welfare
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Do Millennials spend 'too much' money on 'luxuries'? The goal of this research was to put this idea to the test by looking at the share of their total expenditure which members of the Millennial generation are allocating to 'essential' categories of expenditure, and to compare the amount which Millennials are allocating to essentials with both that spent by other generations in the present and also with that spent by the members of Generation X when they were at the same stage in life.

This report also investigates which socio-economic characteristics are associated with a Millennial household having high expenditure on essentials, in order to investigate why some Millennial households have higher expenditure than others. Finally, an original piece of quantitative survey research investigates how much older people are aware of the problems affecting young adults’ living standards and how willing they are to offer them financial assistance.

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