Anselm of Canterbury's theological treatises


This composite volume, consisting of two originally separate booklets, contains seven of Anselm’s thirteen scholarly treatises with five of his many surviving letters. Anselm (b. c. 1033, d. 1109) was a monk of the Norman abbey of Bec and celebrated author of learned treatises and meditative prayers, becoming Archbishop of Canterbury in 1093.  

The second booklet consists of Anselm’s best-known work, the Proslogion (Discourse). The work is copied in a script with Norman features datable to the beginning of the 12th century and has decorated initials in the characteristic Norman style. 

Anselm’s correspondence with fellow ecclesiastics on both sides of the Channel contains frequent reference to the circulation of books between England and Normandy in the period following the Norman Conquest.

This manuscript was digitised with the support of The Polonsky Foundation.

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Anselm of Canterbury's theological treatises
4th quarter of the 12th century, Northwestern France
Anselm of Canterbury
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Harley MS 203

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