Antecedents and implications of uncertainty in management

Antecedents and implications of uncertainty in management
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Chawla, Chetan; Mangaliso, Mzamo; Knipes, Bradford
Date of publication
1 April 2012
Journal of Management History. Vol. 18; No. 2
Business & management history: including the development of management thought
Business and management
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Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to explain the antecedents of environmental uncertainty in management using a historical framework. The goal of developing passion and compassion in management practice and research cannot be achieved unless a better understanding is developed of the main challenge facing researchers and practitioners - uncertainty. Design/methodology/approach - The antecedents of uncertainty in management are explored using a historical framework. This enables the generation of insights into the nature and use of uncertainty over the decades. Findings - The importance of environmental uncertainty is escalating. The paper's historical, philosophical and critical view helps scholars explain and interpret uncertainty within their own research and formulate new research questions. Originality/value - Understanding the epistemological assumptions underlying paradigms will better enable researchers and practitioners to face a future filled with uncertainty and equivocality.

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