This pamphlet satirises The Political House that Jack Built, a radical publication produced in 1819 by William Hone. Where the latter pamphlet attacked the law, the army, the church, the monarchy and the government, The Dorchester Guide affirms the importance of Christian piety, and mocks various radical figures, including William Hone. 

How was Lord Byron involved? 

Lord Byron, who had a reputation for blasphemy and sexual dissoluteness, as well as some support for radical politics, is shown as the Devil, wearing a peer’s robes and coronet, and with a demonic cloven hoof, a mocking allusion to Byron’s disabled foot. At this time, the period of the Peterloo Massacre and the Six Acts (which made mass meetings illegal and toughened laws against anti-government publications), Byron was seen by some radicals as a potential ‘leader-in-waiting’.