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This collage from the Illustrated London News  centres around the visit made by Mahatma Gandhi to Britain in 1931. The political campaigner, activist and leader of the Indian independence movement was accompanied by an entourage, as well as representatives of the Indian National Congress and the Princely States of India. On the lower right side, you can also see the poet and activist, Sarojini Naidu, who, like Gandhi, had previously spent time at university in Britain.

Gandhi visited Britain to attend the Second Roundtable Conference to discuss the future status of India within the British Empire. In the event, the talks failed. However, Gandhi captured the public imagination. Wherever he went, he was mobbed by large, enthusiastic crowds. His chaperone, the Finsbury doctor Chuni Lal Katial, even arranged a meeting for Charlie Chaplin with him. Gandhi also visited cotton mill workers in Lancashire – a sensitive visit, given his campaign for homespun Indian cotton and the boycott of British-produced cloth. Such a boycott, designed to strike imperial trade, hit British industries and the working classes employed in the factories.

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'Mr Gandhi in England with a travelling spinning wheel', The Illustrated London News
19 September 1931, London
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The Illustrated London News
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