Asylum seekers in Europe: august 2017

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Refugee Council
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1 February 2018
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Social welfare
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The main source of data covering Europe as a whole is the Eurostat database. Eurostat depends on statistics supplied by the equivalent of the Home Office in each country. The countries covered are the EU28, plus Norway and Switzerland.

The number of asylum seekers in Europe has increased in recent years with a particularly large increase in 2015. The table and chart below show the total number of first time applications in each year since 2008 as reported by Eurostat. Eurostat also publishes figures described as the total number of applications, which includes fresh claims as well as first time applications, and may also have some double counting as a result of applicants who having made an application in one country being removed to another country under the Dublin Regulation, and then making a claim in that country. The trends for these two sets of figures are similar.

The total number of first time applications for 2016 was about 7% lower than the 2015 figure.

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