A balancing act: charities and the 2016 Budget

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Discussion paper
Murray, Patrick
New Philanthropy Capital
Date of publication
10 March 2016
Social Policy
Social welfare
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The Institute for Fiscal Studies has warned that there are ‘more tough decisions to come’ in the forthcoming Budget, and there are likely to be further cuts to public funding and departmental spending.

This comes shortly after Prime Minister David Cameron announced his ‘life chances’ agenda, and his commitment to intervene earlier in the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in the UK.

The Prime Minister has praised the potential of the charity sector to help him achieve this goal, and the Budget will go a long way to show charities how much financial help the Government is prepared to provide.

This new paper anticipates how new announcements may affect UK charities, and where new spending might originate. It focuses on key areas of work associated with the life chances agenda, and charities involved in prison reform, stronger communities, and better housing.

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