Balancing positive engagement and transparent risk analysis with volatile youth: introducing the Tightrope Tool

Document type
Working Paper
Evans, Roberta
Howard League for Penal Reform
Date of publication
27 March 2015
What is justice? Working papers; 18/2015
Young Offenders, Criminal Justice Services
Social welfare
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This paper presents a tool that encourages the engagement of the young person in the analysis of their risks, strengths and needs and in the planning of actions based on a balanced and transparent holistic assessment. It will introduce the analogy of the Tightrope, outline how it fits with current assessment frameworks to support an integrated approach and considers the role of the practitioner to apply a person-centred, strength-based approach with the tool. This paper will outline why an integrated and interactive holistic tool for volatile youth would be of benefit to both young people and professionals from various disciplines and concludes with an invitation to experienced practitioners to trial the tool in wider practice.

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