Balyabibaho Uchit Noy (Child Marriage Is Not Right)


This is a book against the practice of child marriage, authored by Khirod Gopal Mitra, and published by Sahas Press in 1863. The author dedicates his ‘small book’ to Bholanath Mukhopadhyay, who helped to publish it. Although, it is not entirely clear who Bholanath Mukhopadhyay is, there is a possibility that this is the same author who wrote several popular farces on the treatment of women and conservative practices in Hindu Brahmin families such as Koner Ma Kande (The Bride’s Mother Weeps).

The book appears in the form of a dialogue between two men, where one is advising the other against marrying his son off to a bride child to correct his wayward behaviour. This book embodies the sentiments of the various social movements that were taking place in Calcutta elsewhere, with the intent to improve the status of women. These movement took strong opposition to the practice of polygamy, child marriage, practice of Sati and in favour of widow remarriage and female education.

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Balyabibaho Uchit Noy (Child Marriage Is Not Right)
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Khirod Gopal Mitra
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British Library

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Article by:
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