Bartholomew's General War Map of Europe


In addition to materials produced for official use, map publishers kept the general public readily supplied with a range up up-to-date maps showing the shifting positions of the war. Later, they visualised the new boundaries of Europe according to the peace treaties of 1919-20. 

The Edinburgh publisher John Bartholomew and Son produced this large map of Europe and the Mediterranean. It has been overprinted with the new boundaries of Europe which reflect the the cessation of various territories from Germany, breaking up of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the creation of Yugoslavia. In this latter area the red lines do not fit comfortably over the coloured blocks of pre-1918 countries.

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Bartholomew's General War Map of Europe, etc. (Political Map of the new States of Europe in 1919, according to Treaties of Paris, etc.)
1920, Edinburgh
John Bartholomew and Son
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British Library
Maps 1035.(166.)

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