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The Historia Hierosolimitana (History of Jerusalem) is one of the most sophisticated accounts of the First Crusade (1095–1099), recording events soon after they happened and including eyewitness testimonies. It was composed by Baudri (b. c. 1046, d. 1130), the abbot of Bourgueil, near Angers, France. His account begins with the call for the capture of Jerusalem and the Christian holy sites by Pope Urban II (b. c. 1042, d. 1099), the act that set in motion the Crusades. Baudri’s history ends in 1099, but a continuation written by Lisiardus, a clerk of Tours and dean at Laon in the mid-12th century, updates events to 1123. The final pages contain the Dialogi contra Judaeos (Dialogue Against the Jews), by Petrus Alfonsi (fl. 1106–1126), an Andalusian polemicist and convert, who staged a dialogue between his former Jewish and present Christian persona.

This manuscript was digitised with the support of The Polonsky Foundation.