Bhugol Brittanta (Geography)


W.H. Pearce’s Bhugol Brittanta, published in 1846 from the Calcutta School Book Society Press, is a later edition of the book first published in 1819. The book is aimed at young students and this trend in the writing of geographical accounts can also be seen to have continued in other contemporary publications like J Lawson’s Pasvabali (Animal Biographies, 1822) or J.D. Pearson’s work on Geography and Astrology, published in 1827.

Pearce underlines in the introduction to the book that the text is written in accordance with historical facts and that the maps which were being designed on the basis of this book would be very useful to the readers.

The book is divided into five parts broadly covering the subjects of physical, human and regional geographies. The first three parts covers features of earth as a planet, natural geography and the continents. The second part while dealing with the geography of Hindusthan (northern India and beyond) gives historical accounts of Afghan rulers, Taimur Beg and Mughal rulers (like Babur and Akbar). The fifth and the final part focus on Bengal and the districts of Calcutta, Dhaka and Murshidabad.

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Bhugol Brittanta (Geography)
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Rev W. H. Pearce
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