St Jerome, Commentary on Isaiah


This eighth-century copy of St Jerome’s (b. 347, d. 420) Commentary on the Old Testament book of Isaiah is an early version of the text. Copied and decorated in a distinctive Anglo-Saxon style, the book is from the library of the monastery of Echternach, in modern-day Luxembourg. The Abbey was founded at the end of the seventh century by the Northumbrian missionary, Willibrord (b. c. 658, d. 739).

The book provides an example of the contribution by British and Irish scholars to the spread and consolidation of Christianity in Continental Europe in the early Middle Ages, when liturgical and theological books were being copied in great numbers for use in newly-established monasteries.

This manuscript and others like it was either brought across the Channel or produced locally by Insular and Continental scribes working together.

This manuscript was digitised with the support of The Polonsky Foundation.

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St Jerome, Commentary on Isaiah
1st half of the 9th century, England
St Jerome
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Bibliothèque nationale de France
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