Two historical chronicles


The two historical chronicles in this book both begin with the Creation, but focus on different periods in the history of the Frankish kingdoms. Copied at Mont Saint-Michel in the early 11th century, the manuscript was later divided into two volumes. This volume contains books 6 to 10, the second half of St Gregory of Tours’ (d. 594) History of the Franks. The text contains an engaging personal account of his time as Bishop of Tours under Merovingian rule, where he contrasts the intrigues of the bad King Chilperic I of Neustria (d. 584) with the exemplary rule of his brother, King Guntram of Burgundy (d. 594).

Ado of Vienne’s (d. 874) Chronicon is a standard chronicle of events, based on existing sources up to the end of Charlemagne’s reign in 814. Ado updates this, and includes an account of his bishopric at Vienne, including a claim that Pontius Pilate was exiled there in the first century.

This manuscript was digitised with the support of The Polonsky Foundation.

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St Gregory of Tours, Historia Francorum; Ado de Vienne, Chronicon
1st quarter of the 11th century, Mont-Saint-Michel
Gregory of Tours, Ado of Vienne
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Bibliothèque nationale de France
Latin 5920

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