Map of British battles, 8 August - 11 November 1918


This colourful map was produced by the War Office, printed by Waterlow & Son and available for public sale. It provides a summary of the British, American and Empire troops’ Hundred Days offensive leading to German surrender on 11 November 1918. 

It shows the advance as distinctly ordered phases, coloured first yellow, then green, red and blue. Diagonal stripes in these same colours distinguish German withdrawals from retreats. Text descriptions and figures of prisoners captured by Allied forces are also supplied. 

The language of the map suggests an inevitability to German defeat in which even withdrawals (such as to the Hindenburg line in February 1917) were part of the Allied plan. The map contributed to the public’s evaluation and official justification of the cost of four years of war.

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British battles during 1918--8th. Aug. to 11th. Nov., 1918. Scale, 1 : 500,000.
The War Office
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