Budget 2013 - helping or hurting women?

Budget 2013 - helping or hurting women?
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Fawcett Society
Fawcett Society
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1 March 2013
People management: all aspects of managing people, Trends: economic, social and technology trends affecting business
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A briefing gives the Fawcett Society's hopes and demands for the Budget in 2013. It is argued that the effects of the financial crisis and subsequent austerity policies have caused disproportionate damage to women in terms of unemployment, reduced incomes, cuts to social services and reduced financial autonomy. The briefing warns that suggested intentions for the budget to include further cuts to welfare will further worsen the position of women, while support for entrepreneurship and infrastructure investment will only help women if deliberate efforts are made to promote gender equality. The Society welcomes suggested proposals to reduce childcare costs to families. The Society calls for improved consideration of the gender impacts of policy, a specific plan to promote womens' employment, and a rethink on the policy approach of spending cuts as the main route to deficit reduction.

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